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I love this carrier! I was afraid to order it, since I have used every other kind and hated them - I was afraid this one would just go in the pile. Most carriers either hurt my back or don't feel secure enough. The mei tai is comfy for me and for my son. He was napping when it came so I put my three year old in it and that was comfortable too! Thank you for letting me go from baby carrying to babywearing!

– Stacy, 1/2/2010

I just wanted to say I am SO pleased with my Mei Tai! It's been a lifesaver. My little guy hates (other carriers) but as soon as I put him in the Mei Tai Baby, he was fast asleep. I'm sure you hear that a lot, but it really does happen! Customer service was also great! Thanks for making such a beautiful, comfortable, and easy to use product.

– Diane, 12/14/2009

We wanted to thank you and tell you that your Mei Tai Baby is fabulous! Parents of twins have been very excited and very surprised. Here in Italy the mei tai is little known, but we knew that our friends would love it. The mei tai arrived in October and we still get a lot of compliments because it is perfect! Hopefully not too late to make another order .... Who knows maybe our baby! ;-)

– Francesca & Alex, 11/16/2009

I love this carrier so much, it was great when our little girl was a newborn. Now that she is 8 months old we are still using it when we grocery shop and when she is fussy from teething. I am ordering a second one tonight because we lost our first one and no other carrier is as comfortable, well-made, and stylish. Thanks!!!

– Jamie, 11/10/2009

I just got my custom made mei tai carrier in the mail today!!! It is amazing and I absolutely love it!!! I'm carrying around my 3 1/2 month, 15lb son in it right now. He loves it too, the first thing he did was fall asleep :D Thank you sooooo much. It is so much better than my sling, which I loved, but he was getting so heavy and I could never use both hands. I am able to type this with BOTH hands...amazing!

– Jennifer, 5/29/2009

It is just beautiful!! I just got it and I love it. the first thing I did was stick my 2 yr old on my back and he loved it. As I type this I have my 8 month old in the front position. It was so easy to tie. So comfortable it really feels like I'm not carrying my children. I am so amazed by your carrier. I mean really - thank you so much for making a product that is as beautiful as it is useful! Bye bye double stroller, hello Mei Tai Baby!!!

– Jessica, 4/14/2009

In July my daughter, 3.5 and 32 pounds, had surgery on her foot. The MeiTai was invaluable! She was able to walk on the cast, but not as much as before. I got out my trusty carrier and she was so happy. Then the cast came off and her foot is really sore, so I am using it still. Last week we were up north in WI and did some hiking and I carried her over two miles up and down stairs and hills. She was happy and so was I. That carrier is amazing. I had no idea I could carry her at this age and we would both be comfortable. When we got home my son wanted to try it out too. He is 8.5. They had a blast walking all over the house like this. Thank you for making such an amazing product. I loved it when she was little and I still love it.

– Rachel, 8/16/2010

Simplicity meets innovation to bring you the ultimate babywearing experience. Yes, you CAN buy only one carrier that will keep you and your baby close and comfortable from babyhood through toddlerhood, all without losing your sense of style.

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